Company Profile

Company Profile

BETA, founded in 1925 has over 95 years experience in field of oil & gas & refinery industry.

Starting from engineering, procurement and manufacturing, BETA is well known over the worldas a supplier of:

- pressure vessels

- heat exchangers

- columns

- storage tanks

- decompression chambers

- SKID units

- chlorine vessels

- fire heaters

- expansion joints

- filters

- welded steel structures

- steam drums

Around 250 high skills persons are employed in the company, distributed in design department, commercial department, purchasing, quality assurance and quality control, production and assembling workshops.

We are located in Romaniain an industrial area, at 1 hour and half (by car) N-E of Bucharestin the city of Buzau.

The company has a very advantageous connection to the sea, about 250 Km from the main Romanian port at Black Sea, Constanta and about 100 Km from the Danube ports.