BETA is equipped with the most up-to-date machinery, and resulting from its technological equipment the company is focused on delivering high quality construction of pressure equipment up to 150 tons for Petrochemical, Chemical and Power Generation Plants.

Company facilities today include heat treatments gas furnace, a dedicated shop for sandblasting and painting, in house rolling machine, computer numeric control, cutting machine and hydraulic presses.

Material used: carbon steel, low/medium/high alloy steel, plated steel, stainless steel and cladded materials.

GENERAL EQUIPMENT : Over head cranes with 20 tons maximum capacity (32 tons lifting allowance with twinned bridge); guillotine; plasma cutting installations; band saw ; semiautomatic oxy-gas cutting; CNC automaticcutting machine; head bending machine;

FORMING EQUIPMENT : 900 tons max. power hydraulic forming press, able to squeeze elliptic and spherical bottoms up to Ø2200 mm diameter; rolling machine for max. 35 mm plate thickness, to min. 450 mm diameter and 2 800 mm length;

BEVELLING EQUIPMENT : - bevelling machines, with 1700 mm - 12 000 mm bevel length performance; normal and vertical lathes, with different operating parameters (Vertical lathe Ø4300 CNC);

WELDING EQUIPMENT : - automatic submerged arc welding and covering band; welding equipment: WIG, MIG- MAG, MAG-STG-ST;plasma welding equipment and microplasma welding equipment; oxy-gas manual welding equipment

HEAT TREATMENT EQUIPMENT : - horizontal gas ovens: length 15 500 mm, width 4400 mm, height 4500 mm, 9000 C max. temperature.

All the testsare performed by BETA qualified personnel.


NDE Methods: Ultrasonic Test (UT), Thickness Ultrasonic Test (UTg), Dye Penetrants Test (PT) and Magnetic Particle Test (MT), Radiografic Test (Rx)-subcontracted.

Destructive Test Methods: Mechanical Test, Technological Test, Metallographic Analysis and Chemical Analysis.