Heat Exchangers


BETA manufactures:

TEMA types Heat Exchangers:

  • Externally sealed floating tube sheet
  • Outside packed floating head
  • Fixed tubesheet
  • Fixed tubesheet, channel integral with tube sheet
  • U tube
  • Pull-through floating head
  • Floating head with backing device


  • - condensers - evaporators - preheaters - coolers - dryers in horizontal or vertical variant - spare parts


  • Max. work temperature: 550°C
  • Transition numbers: from 1 to 4
  • Nominal diameter: Dn 150-4000 mm
  • Materials: Carbon steel, low/medium/high alloy steel, stainless steels.

Heat exchangers and fired heaters fields of application:

  • Chemical and petrochimical industry
  • Refinery
  • Food industry
  • Power plants

The heat exchangers are design and manufactured according to ASME or EN+PED 97/23/EC.

Heat Exchangers