Beta Buzau


BETA’s sustained success is based on tradition and a long history. 

Technology, innovation and an inventive spirit have characterized our company from the very beginning.

1925 – Within the present location, „Railway Maintenance Workshops” was established in the Buzauindustrial area, having 19 employees.

1940 – The company becomes „Romanian Railway Special Workshops”

1945 – The name changed into „Special Workshops”

1951 – The company becomes ”Railway Equipment Enterprise”, raising to 900 employees.

1961 – The name changed into „Mechanical Enterprise Buzau”

1973 – The company is reoriented, changing its main activity and also its name into „Technological Equipment Mechanical Enterprise”. It starts manufacturing products and equipment for chemical, petrochemical, food, metallurgical and other industry fields.

1975 – Jointing to „Metallurgical Equipment Enterprise”, it becomes „Technological Equipment Enterprise”, the biggest in the county at the time (over than 7000 employees), increasing its range of products, as an outstanding manufacturer of technological equipment in the export market.

1986 – It splits up in two companies, the present company keeping its previous name („Technological Equipment Enterprise”), with over 4500 employees, still being the biggest in the county.

1991 – Itchanges its name into BETA, keepingmost of its scope of activity up to the present.

Since 1990, the enterprise has earned aword reputation in manufacturing of equipments for petrochemical and oilrefinery industries, energy industry, thermal power stations, cellulose and paper industry.